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Online Word Counter to count words, characters, lines, and paragraphs of a given text, Word file, or TXT file.

Word Counter

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Word Count Online

This is a free online tool to count words of any text with any length or any text file. It is designed to offer multiple options and multiple results for the users. You can input text by typing your text in the text area or paste any copied text of any length. Moreover, it also offers a “File Upload” option where you can easily select any Word file to count its words.

Why to Choose Online Word Counter

In daily life, you have to deal with different texts or text files. Sometimes, you need a word count of your text or text file for different purposes. In this case, there are different options for you to count any text. These options include manual word count which may take hours for long files or text. Word Counting App is also an option but requires you to install an app. Moreover, installing an app may also consume internet data and your device’s storage. Online Word Counting tool becomes an easy & quick option in this situation. There are dozens of online platforms that offer online tools for counting words in your text. Word Counter Online given on this page is probably the best option for you. Here on this page, all you need is to input your text by typing/pasting text, or uploading a text/Word file. Moreover, there is no text limit and it supports text & word files.

How to Use Word Counter Online

This Online Word Counter comes with a simple UI and an easy user approach. Here are a few easy steps to count your words within seconds.

  • Type your text or paste it into the text input field given for this word counter.
  • You can also go for a file upload to count words in your text or Doc file.
  • Simply tap the “Upload File” button and choose the desired TXT or Doc file from your device storage.
  • This online tool will generate results in four boxes given below the text input area.
  • It will provide results for Word Count, Character Count, Line Count, and Paragraph Count.
  • Moreover, this online words counter also allows you to save your text results as a TXT file.

Features of Word Counter

This online tool contains plenty of features that make it a perfect platform for counting words, characters, lines, or paragraphs of any text. Here is the detailed list of this online counting maestro.

Simple Interface

The interface of this tool is very simple and you can count your text in just a few clicks. All you need is to type your text or input it from your TXT/Doc file.

Quick & Accurate Results

Its instant results with 100% accuracy make it the perfect platform for counting words, characters, lines, or paragraphs of any text.

Multiple Input Options

For your text input, there are multiple options in this Word Counter. You can type, or paste text. Moreover, you can also choose and upload any text/Doc file from your device.

Multiple Results

This single tool is capable of providing you with the Character Count, Word Count, Line Count, and Paragraph Count.

Character Counter

This tool not only counts words but also a Character Counter. It also gives you an accurate count of total text characters in your text or text file.

Line Counter

Multiple results and a variety of input options make this Word Counter tool a perfect asset. Its counting features also include a Line Counter. With your Word Count, you will also get results for your Line Count.

Paragraph Counter

In addition to word & character count, this online tool is also your Paragraph Counter. It will calculate and show the Paragraph Count of your text.

Cross Platform Word Counter

This online tool works fluently and efficiently on all sorts of devices. You can use it on a mobile, laptop, PC, iOS devices, Desktop, Linux, iPads, and all sorts of other devices that support a web browser.