Word Frequency Counter

Best Word Frequency Counter to count the frequency of all the words in your text.

Word Frequency Counter

Word Frequency:

    Are you willing to count the frequency of any word in your text? Then Keyword Frequency Counter is the best option for you. For counting the frequency of any word in a given text, there are a variety of tools used by users. Some users use different apps and software for this purpose. But it is always time-wasting to install different software or apps. Hence, usually, users go for an online Word Frequency Counter to get instant and time-saving results. On this page, we have the best online tool to count Word Frequency Online.

    User Guide for Word Frequency Counter

    A simple user interface with diverse compatibility makes it the perfect option for analyzing the word frequency of your text. As you enter this page, you will see a simple Word Frequency Counter tool with a text input area. Here you can type any text or copy your text and paste it in this input field. Moreover, the tool also has file support as you can upload Doc or TXT files. Use the “Upload File” button to input your text file. This Keyword Frequency Counter will extract the content from your file and count the frequency of all words instantly. You can save your text with frequency results in your device as TXT using the “Save as TXT” button.


    This online tool comes with diverse compatibility and device support as all sorts of devices can use this tool. Mobile, Laptop, iOS, Mac, Linux, and all types of smart device users can use this tool.

    No Text Limit

    There is no limit to your text analysis. Put thousands of words at once or upload files with long text content. This tool supports over 25K words for text input or file upload.

    Instant Results

    This tool hardly takes any second to analyze and enlist the word frequency results. Its fastest analysis power makes it the best Word Frequency Counter.

    100% Accuracy

    When it comes to accuracy, you won’t get a better platform than this website for your text analysis. All the text tools on this website ensure 100% accuracy for your text analysis.