Character Counter

Count text characters of any text, Doc file, or Text file with this free online Character Counter.

Character Counter

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Are you looking for an online tool to check the character count of your text? Here we have the best one for you for instant results & 100% accuracy. You can check the character count of your text, Docs file, or TXT file in seconds.

Why Online Character Counter

In today’s digital and high-speed era, people want to perform different tasks quickly. Hence, they look for time-saving resources to do different tasks. In your office or daily life routine, you often have to analyze a text and count its characters. For counting characters, there are apps & online platforms. Using an app will take a lot of time for installation and counting characters. Hence, Online tools are the only resource for quick & easy Character Count. Character Counter Online given on this page is easy, free, 100% safe, and comes with 100% accuracy. Moreover, it gives flexible input methods as you can type, paste, or Upload files for counting characters.

How to Use

This online tool helps you to count text letters and is very simple to use. Here are some easy steps to get the Character Count for your text.

  • Type/Paste Text.
  • You can also upload any TXT or Docs file for counting text characters within it.
  • Once you have input your text, this tool will automatically give you the complete character count of your text. Moreover, you can also save your input file with character count as a TXT file.


  • Wide range of diverse compatibility as you can use this Online Character Counter on all sorts of devices. It supports, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and all sorts of other smart devices.
  • Very simple & intuitive interface with a responsive tool for instant results.
  • Multiple input methods.
  • 100% accuracy with instant results.